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The Latest Dental Technology

In November of 1997 we began operating out of our newly remodeled, modern office. It is a state of the art dental facility which took two years of designing and researching.

We enlisted experts to help us meet our focus on providing an environment where it will be easy to provide excellence in dentistry. Considerations in our remodeling included: comfort, ergonomics, and meeting the current and future needs of our patients.

We hope you will be so completely satisfied with your visit and our services that you will be anxious to tell friends and family about us. We know that the most sincere form of flattery is your good word about our good service. If you see any way we can improve your comfort, our services, or communication, please share these with us.

Air-Abrasion Unit

This device, the air abrasion unit, is also known as a KCP. This miniature sandblaster literally "sprays away decay" without heat, vibration or the whining of the drill and less need for the needle.

This new instrument can be used as an alternative to the drill in many procedures. A microscopically fine powder is carried to the tooth by a stream of air, gently spraying away decay.

Intra-oral Camera

As part of our commitment to our patients using the latest in technology, we use an intra-oral camera to visually help communicate teeth needing restorations, patient education and any soft tissue problems.

Using the intra-oral camera allows us to diagnose needed treatment much sooner in many cases.

The pictures are freeze framed and then the patient can see the treatment that is proposed.

You may also take a copy of the picture if you wish.

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